How Many Toxic Chemicals Do You Clean With? Watch “Chemerical”

How many toxic chemicals do you clean your home with and simply not know it?

These chemicals can be found in all types of cleaners,  perfumes, paints, soaps, lotions, and cosmetics.

There is little to no regulation in this industry which leads the average consumer to just “trust.

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How Many Toxic Chemicals Do You Clean With? Watch “Chemerical”

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Did you know………….?

The average person in this country is exposed to 72,000 chemicals a year. In addition,  the average home has 62 toxic chemicals that can be found in their cleaning supplies and most people have no idea they are so dangerous for your health.
  • The National Cancer Society completed a 15-year-old study concluding that women who stay home with their kids versus go back to work have a 54% higher chance of cancer. The study linked this to a higher exposure of the poor indoor air quality in homes.
  • EPA study stated that the toxic chemicals in household cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air.
  • Studies have confirmed that exposure to cleaning products results in the presence of traces of these chemicals in every organ of the body within 26 seconds.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission has linked 150 products that are very common in homes to birth defects, cancer, allergies, and psychological problems.

If you find these statistics alarming and have an interest in creating a toxic-free home for your family. You must watch a documentary called “Chemerical,” available on Netflix instant demand.

This documentary points out some GREAT NEWS. You don’t have to put your family at risk by the cleaning products you use. No longer do you have to expose your body and your kid’s bodies to all of these toxic chemicals when cleaning your home!

It was amazing to see the changes in this family as they changed to a toxic free home.

A Must See Documentary Called “Chemercial.”

I highly recommend that EVERYONE watch the documentary called Chemerical. It is EXCELLENT.

It shows a family and the 40 bottles of toxic chemicals that they use to clean their home. As a result when their indoor air quality was tested, they were shocked to learn that it was at dangerous levels.

What was most amazing how much better the whole family looked after they had been using natural products.  The mother looked substantially healthier. Her skin was clearer and her eyes were brighter. (Even my husband commented on it which was unusual.) She reported more energy and said she just felt better.

After they had been using natural cleaning products, the same company came back to test their indoor air quality. They passed with flying colors and now enjoy living in a home that is non-toxic, healthy and livable.