How many times have you asked your kids to eat slower or they could choke! Well not only can choking happen, but you can also get food stuck in your esophagus if you don’t chew enough.

“Slow down eating,” I always tell my kids. “Chew your food, eat small bites and enjoy the taste of your food. You can choke if you put too big pieces of food in your mouth I often explain. Your stomach doesn’t have teeth” I say.

Now I have learned that not only can people choke, but literally you can get food stuck in your esophagus. This is more common than choking. This is called Esophageal Food Blous Obstruction, otherwise known as “The Steakhouse Syndrome. This is different from choking, as the food is stuck in the esophagus and can be very dangerous.

It is so common that a nurse in a big city told me she has 2-5 people a week come in for this issues at that one hospital. Multiply that around the world and the numbers must be staggering for both kids and adults. It is most common with steak, hence the name but it can happen with any type of food.

Hard candy is a common item for kids.

It is important for us moms to know about this, because particularly with well done steak it is critically important that adults and kids chew REALLY well.

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