The Easter Bunny Hops To Whole Foods Market To Buy a Natural Colored Bunny Cake

It’s almost Easter Time! Happy Easter!

As a mom you know it is almost Easter time when all of the stores start to stock as much sugar as they do around Halloween. You will find chocolate bunnies in every size, brightly covered candies in eight shades of pink………….. beautiful cakes decorated like Easter eggs………..and cup cakes that are ornamented with BIG ears, whiskers and a cute little noses.

Do you have kids that TUG at your shirt and want to buy all of it? Every bunny they see?

Yes………it’s Easter time.

We train our kids that Easter time is time to celebrate Easter AND a time to eat lots of SUGAR that is given to us by our HERO………….a hero named  the Easter Bunny.

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The Easter Bunny Hops To Whole Foods Market To Buy a Natural Colored Bunny Cake

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Order an Easter Cake or Dessert From Whole Foods Market With Natural Food Coloring!

The great news is that Whole Foods  Market is a store where you can buy some healthier options for your kid’s Easter basket and your special dinner with your friends and family.

What would happen if the Easter Bunny gave out fruit? Would kids feel differently about fruit?

As a matter of fact, Whole Foods Market has an entire baking section where you can special order “whole grain cakes” for any occasion including Easter, and/or buy cakes right off the shelf that use natural sweeteners like Sucanat and natural food dyes made from beet juice and blueberries.

This cake is beautiful and the food coloring is from beet juice, blue berry juice and other natural foods.

So are you interested in seeing what the ingredients are for this cake?

I thought you might be so I took a picture, though it is a bit fuzzy. I  was impressed as Whole Foods Market even used  Sucanat sugar in this recipe.

These ingredients would be almost the same as if you made it at home!

Compare The Ingredients of a Whole Foods Market Cake To  Processed Easter Cookies Sold At the  Local Grocery Store

  • Yes these cookies are BRIGHT pink. (Natural Food dyes can’t get quite so pink)
  • Yes, they do not cost a lot.
  • Yes your kids are TUGGING at your arm to buy them because they are so very PINK.
  • Yes the multitude of food coloring in these cookies are banned all over Europe because they are deemed to not be healthy for our kids.

The Food Colorings Alone in these Cookies Include:

Blue 1, Blue 1 Lake. Blue 2, Blue 3. Red 40 Lake. Yellow Lake 5 and 6! YICKES! The label was cut off when I took the picture so I think I even missed some!

Happy Easter to all of you.

Hope you have a happy, healthy Easter!