How To Use a Christmas Elf To Promote Healthy Eating

Happy Holidays from Our Christmas Elf!

Tis the season when all the fun traditions come out including the “Christmas Elf.” Every night our super special Elf named Elphie (pretty clever huh), mysteriously moves to a new landing location for the kids to find.

What magic! After finding Elphie our kids read the note that he wrote just for them. After all Elphie always offers some kind of sweet thought, new ideas and/or inspiration to start the morning off right. These adorable messages that us moms write at 11pm spark the wonderful magic Christmas curiosity that kids have, and often lead to the funniest conversations.

This morning Elphie gave a note to the kids where they had an assignment to write down all the ways they try and help their mom and Dad every day. The kids tore into this with excitement. They started helping me with EVERYTHING and explaining all the ways they were going to help me. They kept running back to the Elf to make sure he saw and heard what was happening. (Elphie told them he would tell Santa) Never had such an easy morning getting ready for school. Why can’t we have an Elf around 365 days a year!

I tell you these Elfs are MAGIC.  All of us moms can use their magic to help guide your kids with so many positive messages………..including healthy eating. This is how it happened with us.

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Our Healthy Eating Elf Is A Role Model

The other day our 7 year old little girl wanted to put  food and water for  Elphie for the first time. She carefully placed an orange on a plate, and then she asked me if she should also put out a piece of candy.  I said, ” sure why not!”

The next morning my daughter ran down the stairs and yelled to me….”Mommy, mommy, guess what!   She proceeded to tell me that Elphie only ate the orange and he didn’t eat the candy. She told me, “Elphie must be a healthy eating Elf!” She was so delighted with this news that she ran into the other room to tell her Dad and big brother. Elphie is a HEALTHY EATING ELF” she  said with delight! It was like she learned a secret that no one knew but could help her get closer to him.

I asked her why she thought Elphie preferred the orange over the candy. Sophie continued to tell me with her animated face gestures and hand movements in a very serious tone, that she thinks he only likes healthy foods so he has the energy to fly around at night and then fly back to the South Pole to Christmas to return home. Ah. “Eating candy he wouldn’t be able to fly very well, he would have  stomach ache.)  That makes sense I told her.

It was a sweet moment. One of those special little teaching moments that we as parents are always looking to slip in during the day to teach healthy eating and living without preaching.