How Can Edible Art Make Vegetables FUN For Kids To Eat?

Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables? Are you looking for new and creative ideas?

If so, try serving your kids edible art made from fruits and vegetables! It is amazing how much more willing kids are to eat fruits and vegetables when they are turned into an alien, a dog or a smiley face vegetable pop.

After all, we make edible art with sweets and cakes…… why not do it with healthy foods!

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How Can Edible Art Make Vegetables FUN For Kids To Eat?

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It is SO much fun and absorbing thinking of what creation you can make with healthy foods. Then the best part is watching your  kids giggle with delight as they scarf down your healthy creation.

What is Edible Art?

Edible art is turning a food dish into art.

Many people have seen desserts that turn a regular cake into a princess castle, or a waffle into Mickey Mouse, but have you ever thought of doing this with healthy foods? listed 40 examples of very special edible art. Two of these pictures are listed below. Look at the amazing art that can be done using just a few healthy ingredients. To see all of them click here.

There is no reason why you can’t turn your boring chicken and rice dinner, or a stir fry into a dog or a superhero? The ideas are unlimited!

How Edible Art Started In Our Home

In our family, every morning we have “learning time” at breakfast. We find something interesting and then look up fun YouTube videos to learn about that topic ranging from how do you make a mug, why is the sky blue and how do people build homes. Typically the kids ask the question, and we explore it together.

One day, my mom suggested that we do a morning learning time about edible art.  She sent me some sites showing some of the amazing things people have done with food. It was inspiring.

So one morning I told the kids that I wanted to pick the topic of  edible art.

“What is that mommy,” they asked.  So we looked at some pictures that my mom had sent me and the adventure began. Fun With Food, By Web Urbanest

My 4 and 5 year old kids could NOT get enough. They loved it!  They wanted to Google more about this amazing edible art concept. And they wanted to look at more pictures and find more examples of videos like the Edible art cakes video.  They were having so much fun that they didn’t want to go to school and they started pleading with me if they could do edible art that evening. Sure I said!

That night they both rushed home and wanted to help me make dinner and start their own edible art creations.

So I gave them carrots, raisins, nuts and grapes to play, dream and create with. 

We were having turkey sandwiches so my daughter made a snowman face on top of the sandwich with the carrot sticking up as the nose, and actually asked me for lettuce to use as hair. My son made a ski slope hill with carrots that the grapes would slide down. (I wish I would have taken pictures but I didn’t)

It was a lot of fun and the best part was that ALL of the vegetables and fruit were scarfed down AND were even eaten before the sandwich.

Mommy is Now Hooked On The Fun of Edible Art!

The next night it was my turn. The kids were in their rooms playing and I was making tacos. I started taking the same fruits and vegetables that would normally so blandly rest in a bowl, and dreaming about what creation could be made that was whimsy and amusing.

With little time, I found myself making my “Happy Orange Man” in a flash. I took an orange as the head, cut slits in the orange where I put raisin eyes, put grapes around the neck and used a piece of cilantro for a smile that was unique to each person. The body was a long piece of celery that stuck perfectly into the orange and held the head proudly in place.

I wouldn’t let the kids see my edible art veggie delight until dinner and they were so excited with anticipation.

Pleeeeeeease can I see mommy? Nope I said!

Once I served the Orange Man, my daughter hugged me and said mommy I want this every night. They LOVED it and were so excited eating their fruits and vegetables.

What really struck me, is my husband who doesn’t normally eat any celery……. ate his entire orange man, celery and all.

Have fun watching your kids eat their fruits and vegetables with edible art. You may even eat get hooked on the fun of it all and eat more vegetables yourself.

Please e-mail me your edible art creations and I will post them for everyone to enjoy! I am going to take pictures of future creations and will write more posts on this topic.

Have fun!