Don’t Trust Food Advertisements

I no longer trust that any company; the government or the FDA is there to protect my family into making sure we are eating healthy and/or living healthy.

As a mom,  the more I learn the more amazed I am at the number of food advertisements approved to air on television and approved to be placed on the containers of food that are actually REALLY bad for our health. This is particularly true with sugar laden baked goods that are sold in stores.

I am not alone.

As a society, I believe that all of us have a tendency to blindly trust big corporations and commercials; trusting that everything sold in the stores is conducive to healthy living; from food, to sunscreens, makeup, cleaning products, cribs, and soap.

In being a trusting person, I never gave it two thoughts that my family wasn’t protected with all types of foods that I purchased for my family. I believed food labels when they told me……

“100 percent juice”………….that means 100% juice RIGHT!

(WRONG! okay, well maybe it is not 100 juice, would you settle for 25%?. You wouldn’t mind 12 extra chemicals and sugar mixed in would you?)

“Whole wheat flour………….” I trusted was actually whole wheat flour.”

(Okay so maybe it is really white bread that is dyed to look like whole wheat…..details details!)

“Healthy cereal………..” Cereal that is healthy if you don’t eat too much of it is a better definition for most cereal sold in grocery stores.

I can’t help but ask, isn’t that what the FDA is there for? To help put food on our shelf that is healthy for our family?

According to the FDA section 1-102.10

The purpose of the FDA Code is to safeguard public health and provide to consumers food that is safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented.

  • Honestly presented? How is it honest saying something is 100% juice when it is not?
  • Unadulterated, otherwise know as  “not mixed with impurities” is an oxymoron when it comes to most of the food advertised in grocery stores. Processed foods are mixed with more impurities that you can imagine!
  • Safe? How is it safe eating chemicals that have been proven to be dangerous for our health?
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Don’t Trust Food Advertisements

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I used to assume that “any product within reason (other than potato chip type of junk food) that was sold in the grocery stores could not be THAT BAD FOR US.” After all these big name products are sold in big name stores and have television commercials with fabulous food advertisements showing happy, happy people living healthy; eating with joy, and consuming these products happily and merrily.

Did I say HAPPY?

The more I learn, the more I am completely astounded at the fact that there are so many REALLY bad, even dangerous products that are sold in grocery stores. As a matter of fact, some of the products that are sold in stores with a “healthy label” are actually banned for sale in other countries; such as most of the main stream sunscreens that we put on our kid’s bodies.

I used to believe…………….how could they be selling these foods in stores and advertising that they are healthy if they were not?

Dangerous chemicals are put in our foods that have been known to cause disease. These same products have food advertisements saying that the products are “healthy.”

Here we are, blindly buying these products based on emotional food advertisements and food labels, TRUSTING that someone has our back like the FDA.

I don’t get down about this, but rather I feel empowered. If you know what the game is, you can play it.

Maybe someday, with enough awareness and enough people getting angry out the deception of food advertising and food labels, things will change for the better.