March 11, 2011- San Francisco Chronicle- Cameron Scott  from “The Thin Green Line,” reported a very interesting story about a government robot testing for safety of additives. According Scott’s article,  of the 80,000 plus  chemicals and  that are found in drugs, foods and consumer products, a measly  13 percent of them are tested for safety in the United States. This is an amazing and scary statistic. 

To help solve this problem, the EPA, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences National Toxicology Program, announced the use of a new robot that can help make us all safer. This high speed robot will be able to test 10,000 different chemicals to see if they are toxic or not; a process that would have been cost prohibitive to manually do before.

I find it amazing that ALL chemicals and additives are not tested. How do they decide which ones to test, and which ones to leave out?

Thank goodness our super screening, food additive, super hero robot who can hopefully help us move in the right direction toward better food safety.

Don’t forget, healthy baking is a wonderful way to not eat any food additives, as they are loaded in processed baked goods.