Like many families, as mom of the house I am the one that does all of the shopping and cooking ……other than the occasional barbecue. Therefore, what I buy at the grocery store and what I cook is instrumental to determining if the food that is eaten is healthy for my kids or not.

In other words, I realized that it was really up to me  if my family had the best chances of having a healthy life. I am not a doctor, or a nutritionist, yet it was up to me as the mom of the house if my kids and husband had the highest chances of living healthy. Talk about responsibility!

This was a profound insight in being a stay at home mom, yet so simple. This realization actually got me very interested in healthy baking and healthy cooking. The fact that my role as mom played a direct impact into being the one who chose the foods that my children would eat, healthy or not, is not to be taken lightly.

There is NO ONE that is looking out for your families’ health more than the mom of the home; if you stay home or work at an outside job. Researching what you are buying, eating and using in your home is essential in leading a healthy life.

It was on that day that my role as a stay at home mommy felt so much more important.  Not only was I mommy and wife, but I was teacher, care taker, nutritionalist, and a healthy living coach that had the sole power to help prevent disease and promote health for my entire family.  WOW!

The good news is you can bake healthy cookies, healthy muffins, healthy desserts and healthy meals for your family that also taste GREAT!

My best to all of the mommies who have realized that you have the power to determine if your family leads a healthy life or not. It is fun to explore and learn how to become a Living Healthy Mom! Please join me and we will learn together.