Why Are Young Kids Being Fed White Crackers at Preschool!

Why Are Young Kids Being Fed White Crackers at Preschool!

I am disgusted. Why, WHY…… do preschools across the U.S. give white crackers to young growing preschool kids for their morning and afternoon snacks? This completely infuriates me!

Actually the answer is clear and simple. White crackers are CHEAP!

White crackers are cheap in EVERY way including the fact that they offer nothing of value to our kids. They have salt, white flour, no nutritional benefits, they don’t fill kids up, nor do they stabilize blood sugar or help bodies grow.

Do any other parents feel TOTALLY frustrated with this?

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My Morning Of White Crackers At My Local Preschool

I dropped my daughter off at 8:45 at preschool. She had just eaten a full breakfast like she does every day. This morning we had eaten “left overs” from Sunday’s breakfast. We had whole grain blueberry waffles made with three nutritious whole grain flours and sliced bananas.

My little 4 year old had literally JUST finished her breakfast 15 minutes prior and there was no possibility that she had any hunger left. Her tummy was full and she was happy.

We show up to school, and the whole class is eating white CRACKERS for their morning snack as they do EVERY day in the morning. I am usually there at 8:30 and they usually have snack at 9:30, so usually don’t see this.

When I asked the teacher if my daughter could not be given this snack because she was full, she said she had to at least “offer” by law. I told her my daughter was full and had just eaten. She nodded, smiled and I went on my merry way knowing darn well that my daughter was going to eat stale white crackers that morning even though she wasn’t hungry and that her mom didn’t want her to be given them.

When I picked up my daughter and casually asked her if she ate the crackers, she said that she did. She told me that the teachers told her they HAD to give it to her. I asked her if she was hungry and she said she wasn’t. I asked…”why did you eat it honey if you were not hungry?”My little sweetie pie said….”I have to eat it mommy” with this sad look in her eyes. They said that they had to give it to me and I should eat it. I had to eat it mommy.” I told her that was okay she did today, but to never forget that she NEVER has to eat any food if she isn’t hungry. She never has to eat ANY food she doesn’t want to eat.

Soooooo, did my daughter eat the white crackers??

This School Required My Daughter to Drink Cow’s Milk

This preschool mandates that my daughter consumes whole milk every day, despite the fact that I don’t provide milk to my child at home. After MONTHS of asking not to give her milk at lunch, I realized they still were.

In our family, my choice is to give my kids almond and coconut milk and don’t believe in feeding my kids cows milk. That is fine if other people do, but we don’t.

The challenge is that apparently California state law requires that she is offered whole cows milk at school unless I have a doctors note.No wonder kids get fat in our society. Eat your crackers! Drink your whole milk! Where do parents have a say in how their kids are fed at school. Do you have to home school to have a choice in how kids are fed?

My preschool of choice is changing next month for a variety of reasons; but this snack issue is one of the reasons. I only want to support schools who offer more nutritious snacks and who respect my rights as a parent in how I feed my children.

The truly unfortunate aspect is that some parents drop off their children at my daughter’s preschool as early as 6:00am. White crackers are what these children are eating for their breakfast. The teacher explained that they have to offer a snack in the morning for this reason.

We live in a very nice area and these kids are eating white crackers to help their bodies grow. It is a crying shame!

Can you believe that!