Oat flour is a fabulously healthy flour to bake with, in addition to the fact that it adds a delightfully sweet taste to whole grain baked goods. With oat flour, you are able to enjoy the same nutritional value that oats have; yet savor the lovely taste that oat flour brings to your whole grain baked goods. Oats, and oat flour is very healthy for everyone to eat on a regular basis, and the best part……… it is DELICIOUS!

Helpful Information About Oat Flour

  • Oat flour has 120 calories per 1/3 of  cup
  • Oat flour is gluten free, so it must be mixed with another flour and/or a gluten substitute for the baked treat to hold together.
  • Oat flour tends to add a light, sweet taste to baked goods.
  • Oat flour is wonderful addition to whole wheat flour. (For recipes that call for 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 white flour, you can easily substitute oat flour for the white flour.)
  • Oat flour is a great thickener to use in sauces.
  • Oat flour has no gluten in it, so it must be mixed with another flour and/or a gluten substitute for the baked treat to hold together.
Did you know that the common expression ” feeling your oats” was originated by farmers who witnessed an evident ENERGY increase in their horses after they were fed oat grains.

How To Make Your Own Oat Flour

Oat flour can be purchased on-line or from specialty health food stores. However if you want to make your own oat flour, it is easy! All you have to do is put oats in your blender and start mixing.

  • You do not need a special flour grinder to make your own oat flour.

Health Benefits of Oats and Oat Flour

  • Researchers at Wetabix found an astonishing 17% decrease in cholesterol in 1,450 volunteers who ate two slices of oat–flour bread per day.
It’s long been known that oats are a significant source of protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, iron and other healthy minerals.
  • The US Food and Drug Administration’s authorized a health claim that the beta-glucan soluble fiber found in whole-oats is directly related to a a reduced risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Research suggests that the beta-glucan fiber in oatmeal may also  help reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes. There is such strong evidence of this that the American Diabetes Association recommends that people with diabetes eat  oats as it helps balance blood glucose levels.

For more health benefits of oats read the following article: Health benefits of oats


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