Do you have a little girl who just LOVES princesses? Has your princes loving little girl asked you to have a “princess cake” at her next birthday party?

For any “health conscious mommy” birthday parties are some of the most challenging times; and conflicting feelings can be overwhelming.

The great news is that you can have a festive “Princess Party” without buying a cake dripping with food coloring and white sugar.
After all if you go to most stores and order a “princess cake,” you will receive a brightly COVERED, beautiful cake with a rainbow of food dyes on them.

Please note, this is the SAME food coloring that is banned for sale in Europe and is believed to create attention  behavior problems in kids. 

In addition, these brightly colored cakes have no whole grains in them (there is not anything to counteract the sugar) and they are loaded with white sugar making your entire party climb the walls and come crashing down irritably an hour later. Sound fun?

The Story of My 3 Year Old’s Princess Party and Her Princess Wraps:

My daughter was turning 3 years old and she just LOVES princesses. Her room is pink with a pretty princess comforter, a princess wall hanging and princess stickers all over the walls. She has princess lights, princess dolls, princess books and a princess clock. So you see the point, she LOVES princesses.

PINK princesses to be exact.

So my princess loving little girl begged me to have a princess party, and she wanted to have princesses on her cake too.

Gulp, what was I going to do. I  may be extreme, but I can not bring myself to buy one of those cakes that has food coloring all over  them.

I TOTALLY understand why mom’s do pick these food coloring cakes, because that feeling of wanting to make your kids happy is so intense and everyone says……a little isn’t going to hurt you.

Still, I just can’t do it.

My challenge was do I buy one of those cakes that have all of the food coloring in them, or see if there was another way that could make everyone happy.

Princess Cupcake Holders and Princess Picks SAVE The Day:

My strategy for this party was to focus on what the cake was wrapped in and what was on top of it of,  versus  focusing on the ICING to make the cake look “princess like.”

So I ordered princess cupcake holders and princess sticks. (You can buy them online many different places) Then I made my delicious healthy chocolate cake recipe, with a healthy chocolate icing and voila!

The Kids Loved Their Cupcakes and Their Princess Wraps and Sticks:

Mounted on three layers, a cupcake stand proudly displayed all of the chocolate festive cupcakes that had princess picks and princess wraps to decorate them.

The kids ran into the birthday room one by one and squealed with excitement when they saw the pink palace of royalty.
They seemed to love the fact that each child received a pink pick to take home from their cupcake and the princess wraps were a lot of fun for the kids.

All of the kids scarfed down their treats not knowing  they were loaded with whole grains,  vitamins and minerals, and used coconut sugar, a natural sweetener that doesn’t spike their blood sugar versus white sugar.

Phew. One princess party down…….will she still be into princesses next year? Who knows!

All in all, mom felt satisfied  knowing that my little girl received the princess cupcake of her dreams, yet most importantly she and her friends were happily celebrating her birthday  the “healthy way.”

Stay tuned on the story of my 4 year old and his Spider Man party! This one was a bit more challenging.