If you are planning a birthday party for your child, but do not want the party to be filled with sugar and candy, a toy filled pinata can be a wonderful birthday party activity. Pinatas are typically filled with candy and they do not have to be. Consider filling your pinatawith small toys versus candy to make this event healthy and fun. Most pinatas can be purchased either being totally filled with candy, or empty so you can fill them yourself with anything in your imagination.

Birthday parties do not have to be loaded with candy and sugar to be fun!

So many parents now are trying to limit the amount of sugar that their kids eat. This can often be a challenge when going to birthday parties every weekend that are loaded with candy, frosting and sugar. One way around this is to simply fill your pinata with toys like rubber balls, plastic rings, dinosaurs, keyrings, and other small toys. You can purchase an assortment of toys from almost any toy shop for the same cost as buying candy and everyone will be delighted.


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